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Assassins Guild of Obseen The Year Was Star Date SD People Left The Dirty, War Torn Earth In Search Of A New Life On A Handful Of Newly Discovered Planets Past Neptune Eight Were Found New Earth, Planet X, The Sentinals ,, And , O Washia, Al Tor, And Obseen A New Government Called The Unified Earth Forces Took Control Of New Earth Its Government Declared Its Control Over Other Planets O Washia And The Sentinals Were Eventually Able To Attain Their Freedom From The UEF Planet X, Abandoned By The New Earth Government Was Given Over To The Control Of Kings And Queens, So That The Royals Could Keep An Eye On Obseen, The Planet Turned Into A Prison Planet For The Unruly Assassins Cloistered By The UEF Al Tor Became The Other Prison Planet A Place For Those Considered Terrorists And Crazies The Current Year S SD Obseen Welcome To Obseen The Planet Of Assassins The Obsidian Planet Has Once Again Been Thrust Into War A Royal Assassin Has Taken Over The Planet, And A Large Percentage Of The Assassin Clans Do Not Want Him As Their Leader The Royal, Now Calling Himself Emperor Manscor , Has Sent His Royal Guards And Honoreds To Conquer The Opposing Forces He Has Even Gone So Far As To Massacre Hundreds Of Assassins To Prove His Control Of Them By The Year SD Many Assassin Clans Have Quietly Joined The Renegade Army In Hopes Of Ending Manscor S Reign One Such Clan, Called The Las Wa Or Lakeans, Has Refused To Become Completely Involved In The War, But They Have Given Their Support Twelve Assassin Youths Have Been Trained In Secret And Are To Be Sent To The Surface To Stop Manscor They May Be The Last Chance To End The Chaos Of Obseen S Assassins Guild And Restore It To Its Glory