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Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches (Book 1, illustrated) What Happened Years Ago Was Never Supposed To ResurfaceExploring His Grandma S Scary Manor, Archibald Stumbles Upon A Dark Family Secret, Linked To A Time Of Great Fears And Superstitions Key To That Mystery An Ancient Terrestrial Globe, Populated By The Most Fantastic CreaturesWhen He Unlocks The Storm Inside By Accident, The Risk Averse Boy Gets Whisked Into The Underworld Of Lemurea, Where A Battle Started In The Middle Ages Has Yet To Be Settled Down Here, It S Light Versus Darkness, Magic Versus Fire, Witches Versus Dragons But Not Any Kind Of Witches An Army Of Young Girls, With The Most Magical Weapons And Not Any Kind Of Dragons Marodors, Enigmatic Monsters, Part Beast, Part Human, Which Will Make You Rethink Everything You Thought You Knew About DragonsWhile Archibald Is Thrust Into An Amazing Adventure That Will Test His Survival Skills, On The Flip Side Of The Earth, His Sister Hailee Faces Her Own Challenges Seeking To Solve Archibald S Disappearance, She Uncovers The Grim Plans Of A Dark PriestTwo Breathtaking Stories, Running Parallel With One Another, But Tightly Intertwined Two Worlds, On A Dangerous Collision Course The First Installment In A Phenomenal Series, The Lost Witches Reads Like An Addicting Thriller And Sets The Stage For Adventures To Come For Archibald Finch

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    Book Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.comWhen Archibald s Grandmother dies the family including his parents and his sister move into her huge mansion, complete with Manservant Whilst on the hunt for his Christmas present, which his mother tells him she hasn t bought, he discovers a box hidden on a shelf in the library and mistakes it for his gift.Inside is an old globe with countries on he doesn t recognise He has a feeling that the globe opens somehow and fiddles with it to try to see inside Unfortunately, the globe is than it seems, it is like a key to another world and sucks Archibald and half his bedroom furniture inside to an old, magical world called Lemurea where female witches live together and fight the evil beasts that occupy this world Their only protection is the Golem stones.Whilst Archibald is in the magical world, his sister Hailee is in the present day searching for her brother and trying to find out about the globe, not realising someone who has been looking for it a long time is on her tail What the siblings don t understand is how entwined the two worlds are.Archibald and the Lost Witches is the first book in a planned series by Michel Guyon It is a fascinating adventure with mythical beasts, evil beings, and a magical world, plus some feisty witches with attitudes The chapters have perfect titles and there are the most amazing illustrations throughout too.We get to spend time in Lemurea with Archibald and London with Hailee and it was nice to have the two storylines co existing and delve in deeper into the plot with both brother and sister who have very different personalities Archibald is a bit of a geek and a know it all He absorbs information easily Whereas Hailee is your average teenager who gets annoyed easily by her little brother but you realise how much she must love him to never stop searching for him.There are a lot of MG books that incorporate magical, mystery worlds, witches, and beasts but I feel this book stands on its own merits It is not like any other MG book I have read.The book is exciting and absorbing the whole way through and you never know what is coming next, keeping you on your toes and pleasantly surprised throughout My only concern for the book is how many pages the book has for an MG book I do hope this doesn t put anyone off reading it as the book is completely mesmerising from beginning to end and really is worth your time.

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    I m not a fan of middle grade books, butBUT.This book.THIS BOOK.This book is the book that you re reading when you re 13 years old, on a cold winter day evening night, with a cup of hot tea chocolate milk This book is the definition of cozy and childhood It has everything a middle grade book should have I m going to quickly mention the amazing illustrations, the wonderful way they are put together, how the text goes around them, the high quality hardcover and dust jacket Now to the story, characters, and writing style I honestly can find no flaw Maybe I wasn t particularly fond of how Helena was built but that s only at the end and only because I didn t like her as a person , but that s the only thing that I can think about Other than that, the story, the characters, everything is on point.Something that I really, really enjoyed the jokes This book is full of them And they are so funny I pondered whether I should give it 4 stars or 5 stars The only reason why I would have given it 4 stars is because, as I mentioned, middle grade books aren t my jam Of course I can t compare the feeling they are giving me with the feeling that a good Stephen King book gives me But it wouldn t be fair to take a star from a very good book only because I m not the targeted audience Because make no mistake this is an amazing book So I ll render to Caesar the things that are Caesar s.If I d have a kid, I d give him Archibald to read, just as I would give him Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Mark my words, this has the potential of becoming something big.

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    This is the first illustration in the book What an amazing library, at the heart of the old manor Archibald and family inherit following his grandma s passing, and at the heart of the story Lots of mysteries in this room, and lots of secretsThere s something really old fashioned and magical about the layout of this book that I really enjoyed.A kid gets drawn into the unknown and lands in a fantasy world with part of his bedroom my dream since I was 5 I love the cover, not just because it s pretty, but also for what it says a lot and what it leaves to the imagination even Lemurea, that s the name of the dark underworld in the book, is a pretty scary place, infested with enigmatic creatures, called Marodors, part beast, part humanRight from the start, I was hooked The premise pulled me right in That manor Archibald s parents inherit, the mysteries he discovers little by little, that hidden world he gains access to what a fabulous idea And it only gets better from there I also loved the fact that this book surprised me, several times over The link to Da Vinci in particular is great in the sense that it sounds entirely plausible So many secrets, so many clues, so much magic, and the author managed to wrap them all perfectly into one book, even though many questions and mysteries remain unanswered which makes me excited about the rest fo the series.I have the feeling that Archibald Finch will no doubt join the ranks of enduring great Middle Grade classics I m thinking Peter Pan, Narnia and Harry Potter especially If hopefully turned into a movie, I m sure this will be box office gold Something else to look forward to.Another thing that I loved about the book is the layout and the way the texts wraps around the amazing illustrations I think there are about 25 drawings in the book I m sharing a few here sorry I m not a great photographer or anything but I did my best About half of the story half of the 14 chapters takes place in London, where we follow Hailee in her amazing quest to figure out what happened to her brother Her adventure is at least as exciting as the one Archibald himself experiences And the fact that it happens during Christmas time only makes it magical And I m not saying this because London is my city. The monsters in the book are some of the most complex and elaborate I ve ever seen, especially this one, the Krakatorum, depicted here during an epic battle involving a weird looking tank with an incredible background I won t say any to avoid spoilers As to what those creatures really are, it s probably the most interesting part of the bookThe general atmosphere is all about mystery, old myths and ancient legends It doesn t matter if you re in Lemurea or London, the magic is everywhere And again, superb layout.I recommend the hardcover for this book Look at this dust jacket It s just stunning

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    When Michel Guyen asked me if I wanted to read and review his book I was thrilled The book sounded amazing adventuoures and full of magic I love middle grade books especially when I want to escape everyday life I usually pick up a middle grade book as I love how they remind me of my own childhood when I spent days and nights reading There s just something nostalgic about it Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches is definitely one of those books that bring out the hidden child in us It s a book you want to read on a cold winter night, cuddled up in a warm blanket with a hot chocolate This book has everything a good middle grade book should have It has not only one hero, but several heroes who are completely different from most This book is a huge adventure, perfect for daydreamers and little adventurers There are lots of unique, magical and mystical elements to discover There is a thousand year old secret, dusty antique shops, a mysterious globe, an old mansion all this and so much It s about witches, but not just any witches, and it s about dragons, that are so different to how we usually imagine them to be The enigmatic, giant and deadly creatures are called Marodors and they are half human, half monsters Also Family plays a huge and important part in this book, which is usually rarely the case in fantasy novels Another thing that I really absolutely enjoyed was the jokes This book is so funny, it s wonderful The characters are incredible lovable and charismatic they are all odd in their own way, sometimes a little bit na ve but so wonderfully written that it s really hard to choose a favorite There s so much magic in this book as soon as you start reading you will feel like you re part of this adventure This book does not only entertain, but also inspire and enchant The story is told from two different points of view Archibald, who tries to survive in a mysterious land called Lemurea and his older sister Hailee, who stayed behind in London and tries to find her missing brother, who has vanished in front of her eyes I can t even say which perspective I liked better, the one in Lemurea with all the magical and scary creatures, the witches and the fights, or the one in London, which is basically an exciting and dangerous scavenger hunt through the city Lemurea is a great, but still mostly unexplored world that holds so many secrets and dangers It needs some depth and room for all the characters to grow and the world to expand but this is only the beginning of it the beginning of something big and I am sure the next book will have a lot in store for us I m also going to quickly mention the beautiful illustrations, which give the book that little bit of extra They give you an even clearer idea of the world that Michel Guyen created The drawings are really gorgeous and partly really scary but they are put together in such a nice way Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches is the perfect coming of age story It is action packed, enigmatic, adventurous and simply magical Archibald Finch won over my heart quickly I enjoyed every single page of the story and I can t even put into words how excited I am to read the next book, which I hope will be published soon If you also have a weak spot for middle grade books, fantasy or just stories with great charming, slightly weird characters, then this book is just the perfect read for you I d definitely recommend you to pick it up as soon as possible This book series has the potential to become something BIG and I very much hope that one day the children in this world will mention the name Archibald Finch in the same breath as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Thank you so much Michel Guyen, for sending me a review copy of your book I absolutely loved it Can t wait for the next one.

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    I usually find winks at other books a bit risky, sometimes presumptuous even There are two of those winks right at the beginning of the Archibald Finch adventure, one to Harry Potter and one to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe But they re different than what I ve seen too many times before They work, because they re like an homage, a way for the author to pay all due respect, before moving beyond the expected.Unlike other books, the goal is definitely not to copy something, or to make fun of that something It s to say I could go that way, but I won t I think the author could do that since he knew this story would stand out as totally unique and quite revolutionary It s clear that he knew where the story was going, what the point was in the end I see the winks as a way to set the record straight and to indicate what s to come, by saying this is different And different it sure is Most middle grade and teen fiction books are essentially built on the same assumptions, the same legends, the same myths and as a whole, on the same references that honestly we all have in mind when starting such books.Here all those references and many pre conceived ideas get shattered one after another, from the caricatural idea we have of witches to the very concept of magic, where it comes from, what it s made of, and the possibility that magic can be based on real stuff, like plants, stones, fish, plus of course some cool runes and inspired incantations.The main myth to be challenged though is the one of dragons and I must say I was getting a little tired of the old usual breed No matter what how big the nostrils, claws or tails, none were seriously that scary any The dragons in Archibald Finch, on the other hand, those are definitely on the weird and scary side With bits and pieces of various animals, insects, plants and humans, each creature is unsettling than the next, only adding to the deep mystery surrounding the story.This book is definitely its own animal I wish the whole series was already out So much to take in that I m getting ready to read it a second time.

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    Oh my goodnesswhere to start This book is amazing I adore the story, the characters and the writing style I never read a story like this and it is super fun but it also has powerful moments Nowwhat I really want to talk about is the writing style because aaaaaa I m obsessed It s unique, it has this quirkiness that s all its own I wish I could explain it betterlikethe writing really complements the magicalness of it all This author can writelike the way the world is shown to the reader and how it built plus the way he writes the magical and normal worldlike.wow They seamlessly work together to make this story Something else I want to talk about are the witches because GIRL POWER YES I love them so much They are all so different but they make each other better It s beautiful I don t want to give much away but I think lover of Harry Potter will love this book It gives you these cozy, magical and nostalgic feels Definitely check this book out I highly recommend it

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    A newcomer that feels like a classic There s something about this fantasy tale that reminds me of one of those magical books I read as a kid, that just made me want to read , and , and You discover the fantastic world of Lemurea through the eyes of Archibald and soon enough, the magic happens, you feel the way he feels, you fear the way he fears, and you doubt the way he doubts Of course it also has to do with the extraordinary universe he is thrust into, a world that echoes the bedtime story his dad told him when he was still safe in his home Imagine, waiting for the night to come, the darkest of nights, with no lights but torches, being surrounded by the woods, humongous, deep, impenetrable woods A world where every shadow gave birth to a new monster And a new tale This anecdote warning echoes through the entire book as a reminder that a mysterious land like Lemurea can be as magical as it can be scary But for a huge fantasy fan like me, every page evoked that feeling you get when you re warm and cozy under the covers in your bed while it s stormy and dark outside What an enchanting feeling What an enchanting book

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    This book is just made for the nostalgic, the daydreamers, and the adventurers There s lots of unique, magical elements going around in the book, while still keeping the family dynamic true to the story It s amazing to see that family plays a huge part in this book Most Fantasy novels don t really explore family elements in general , so it s always nice to read about it whenever I get the chance to come across it in a book The characters are so loveable and charismatic, and the story just sucks you right in All this talk about antique stores, an old manor, a thousand year old secret, and witches just makes the book brim with so much atmosphere 3 So much Halloween Autumnal vibes It s just perfect October has made me become a major mood reader, and Archibald Finch topped my reading game this month with its immersive story and charming characters This book switches back and forth between two perspectives one Hailee who lives in London, and the other of her brother who gets sucked into a world called Lemurea The transition between both perspectives was done so well Alongside the magical creatures and wars, we also get to venture around Central London We get to see a world where witches fight and beasts dwell, but we also get to follow the perspective of a young girl experiencing real life problems Hailee is lost and upset, but she s also curious and strong Archibald is brilliant and a tad ignorant, but he s loving and sensitive Both Hailee and Archibald grow as characters in different ways, which was an absolute delight to see Although I did enjoy both perspectives, I was definitely keen to read Hailee s perspective The setting and antagonist just appealed to me Whilst I did enjoy the world of Marodors, Lemurea still remains an unexplored world It needs depth and room for the characters to grow and the world to expand But I know this is only the beginning of Archibald Finch I can tell that the next book will have lots in store for us readers Archibald Finch and The Lost Witches is the perfect fantastical coming of age story It s action a packed, enigmatic, and super charming I m not usually one for Middle grade Fantasy books, but Archibald has my heart3 I enjoyed every second of it Please, please pick this book up if you haven t thought of doing so already Many thanks to Michel Guyon for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    I am what you d call a slow reader It usually takes me about 10 days to finish a book this size 350 pages Well I ve read it in two days and one night A bit like Archibald, I got sucked into this world the author has created, and in terms of world building, this is truly phenomenal, second only to Harry Potter in my opinion And I absolutely looove HP.It s not so much the concept that is new but rather the content and the very nature of the book, with a really original architecture Of course there s a lot of cool magic and whimsy stuff in this story from the talking cauldron to the dog pillow, and those dreamy nightmarish underworld colonies but the real magic resides perhaps in the way the story unfolds, giving a thriller like rhythm to the book I just loved travelling from one world to another at each new chapter start, without losing track of the story Quite the opposite actually since both narratives are not just linked to one another, they also communicate with one another, through clues gathered in both worlds, slowly unveiling the dark secret behind the entire adventure I think that s one of my many favorite things in this book It is just so ingenious London on one side And this dark, mysterious universe on the other, where old myths are debunked and others reinvented Wait until you meet the dragons made in Lemurea, that s one magic twist on something I thought was pretty much frozen and established as a legend by now But this dust off is so refreshing and just plain exciting.The book also debunks quite a few clich s about witches, and I love the way the historic context is put in perspective as a background compass Again, the merging between our world and Middle Age drama flows flawlessly, that s probably why I couldn t let go of the book, and finished it so quickly The humor throughout the story and dialogues surely helped as well.Overall, Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches is an addicting read, full of surprises I can t wait for the next book in the series.

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    This could have been the story of a fairly regular, wimpy, lonely boy who loses his weird grandma, moves into her manor with his parents and discovers an antique globe that will seal his fate, transporting him into some mysterious land haunted by some weird breed of monsters It could have been that But it wouldn t have been that original or interesting So thank God it s not that Not just that I should say.Where Archibald goes and whom he meets down there, that s what s original, that s what s really fascinating And I weigh my words carefully I actually think this book is pure genius.First the writing is superb Reminds me of that amazing teacher I had in 8th Grade who had that unique way of telling stories, by picking the right words, weird words often, but somehow weaved into something intriguing and just pure sugar to me This is all the brilliant that the author is French I believe And the humor is pretty goddam good as well I cracked up than once, even though the whole concept is really dark Here we get to the original part, point blank witch hunting in the Middle Ages Here s one thing I never quite expected to find in a children YA book Ever But it makes so much sense and becomes so relevant as the story develops Archibald shows the way of course, but he is not the story, not really, he is just the guide The story revolves around those poor young girls, and what s happened since that fateful, dramatic and messed up tragedy of an event, 500 years ago.I know this is the beginning of a series, and I m loving the idea But what I can t wait to read is the prequel Again, genius stuff.

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