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The Silence of the Lambs [Read] ➵ The Silence of the Lambs Author Thomas Harris – Hannibal Lecter The ultimate villain of modern fiction Read the five million copy bestseller that scared the world silent The Silence of the Lambs A young FBI trainee An evil genius locked away for un of the PDF Í Hannibal Lecter The ultimate villain of modern fiction read the five million copy bestseller that scared the world silent The Silence of the Lambs A young FBI trainee An evil genius locked away for unspeakable crimes A plunge into the darkest chambers of a psychopath's mind in the deadly search for a serial killer back cover.

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  1. Mort Mort says:

    Why?Many years from now historians will look back on this story and wonder why it was so important And believe me my friends important it was Today most thrillers and police procedurals gets measured against itFor this review I will refer to TSOTL as the story because I'm going to talk about the book movie facts fiction and some of my own opinionsTSOTL was the second Dr Hannibal Lector story It was also the second movie adaptation wait just a damn moment you might be saying to me Red Dragon was the first book but it was made after the TSOTL movie was so successfulCorrectHowever there was an attempt at a screen adaptation of Red Dragon a few years before TSOTL called MANHUNTER It was directed by Michael Mann To the best of my knowledge it was a flop at the box officeThere are a few things TSOTL had going for it that counted in its favor By all means Thomas Harris is a brilliant writer if you've read any of the books you will know this But most movie freaks and geeks will agree with me that the story is probably one of the best adaptations from book to screen everThen you look at the cast Jody Foster managed to play a vulnerable yet strong female IMPORTANT lead You know she is intelligent yet she knows that she has no chance against the superior intellect of Dr Hannibal Lector In comes Anthony Hopkins whose portrayal of the psychopathic genius is so convincing it catapults him to one of the biggest super villains of all time yet he is so charming that the audience can't help but like himAnd of course Buffalo Bill is played by Ted Levine who is utterly convincing even if you've seen him as the cop in MONKWith a strong cast and story this movie became an unlikely contender at the Academy Awards And they won a fewRight lets take a step back to the research phase of this storyThomas Harris in the early 80's were doing research and was fortunate enough to get involved with criminal profiling which at that time had been an unproven and highly speculative science It was during the time when they were on the trail of one Ted Bundy If you know a bit about this famous serial killer you will probably know that he used to fake injuries by wearing a cast and asking victims for their help Do you remember how Buffalo Bill got that girl in the back of the van? And while Bundy was incarcerated on death row he was willing to help the police do a profile on another serial killer of the time The Green River Killer I believe Bundy told them not to remove a body when they discover it because the killer will go back to his treasure something that was later confirmed to have happened Remember that agent Sterling asked Dr Lector for his help? And then there was the killer Ed Gein many decades before who robbed graves and ultimately killed people to make himself a female skin which was apparently hard to sow without tearing Need I explain this one? The fact of the matter is while some things may have seemed preposterous to us in the early eighties like they could only happen in the movies there were some truly messed up people out there who were doing some truly messed up things wow it's been a while since I've kept a sentence PG like thatI will accept your applause humblyAlso there was and unfortunately still are some stereo types about women in the FBI Harris took the opportunity to make a statement maybe very subtly but still very important about power vs emotion At no time does this story feel like a Hollywood blockbuster where the star is cocky and always has a way out of a sticky situation where it's all guns and fire and explosions etc No this story was meant to cut close to home to show the possibilities for we are all vulnerable in this world Agent Clarice is scared she fears for her life she doesn't know if she will survive but she fights the big bad Goliath killer And she winsThis story is also important from a psychological point of view Whatever your feelings about profiling may be they have discovered so much and found impossible connections through their research and we will never know how many lives it has saved It's a kind of Paying it forward thing By doing what they do they prevent things that may have been inevitable in a different worldI once saw something I can't remember exactly where about some research they were doing on inmates They took brain scans of a number of them and noted that those who were certified as psychopathic had an underdeveloped area in a certain part of their brains If I can remember correctly it had something to do with the mother producing too much serotonin during pregnancy or some such scientific thingHow is this helpful you may ask?Well this is my personal opinion so if it offends you stop readingCasey AnthonyIs she a psychopath who got away with murder?Yes when I look at the facts of the case and the things her attorney's did to get her free I'm sickened to think the jurors couldn't believe a mother would do that to her child Nobody LIKES to believe it but I wish I could have seen a brain scan of her compared to those other psychopaths I wish there was a psychologist who could have explained it to themBut enough about thatThis book is was and always will be important because it brought certain realities home to the world we find ourselves inIf you haven't read it but managed to get through this long review what's the matter with you?But I am not trying to convince anybody of my point of view so feel free to disagree

  2. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    35 STARS Be very careful with Hannibal Lector Dr Chilton the head of the mental hospital will go over the physical procedure you use to deal with him Don't deviate from it Do not deviate from it one iota for any reason We both know you have to back and forth a little in interviews but you tell him no specifics about yourself You don't want any of your personal facts in his headBet you thought I was never going to write this review huh? ; Well it turns out I just needed a good long pause to toss around my thoughts before attempting to wrangle them on paper There's a lot of pressure diving into a book that has been deemed a modern classic and you never know what side of the spectrum you'll fall on once you've experienced such but I'm pleased that overall this was a really enjoyable experience for me While I've seen the movie over the years times than I can count somehow it didn't ruin my experience or opinion of the book Below there will be uite a few spoilers and discussion pertaining to specific plot points and comparisons from the book to film adaptation so if you haven't read the book or seen the movie and desire to know no specifics please stop hereI'm going to start with all the things that I loved Obviously the book is way better than the movie due to the amount of detail and characterization that is lost in translation when you must condense a 400 page novel into a 2 hour film production The characters are richly developed flawed and their decision making process and solving of the cases in general are uite progressive considering this book was published in the 1980s The Silence of the Lambs is a wonderful example of how we can see glimpses of the villain throughout the book and still garner the compulsive pacing of a whodunnit One thing that felt odd to me was reconciling the fact that for the time this book was published the story is so progressive in some aspects and terribly disappointing in others If you've seen the movie then you probably are aware of how at best the movie is borderline transphobic and this is due to the fact that they left out some crucial scenes from the book While the movie implies maybe once or twice that Jame Gumb is not really transgender they don't do a full job of explaining the why or how behind his choices; in fact the movie leaves out his backstory entirely as well as a scene that was filmed but cut from the final production portraying the investigation into the transgender clinic In the book it is clearly shown how transgender people are a peaceful group and how our villain is someone who IS NOT transgender and was rejected for reassignment surgery based on multiple red flags that occurred during the initial application Also the doctor that the FBI initially tries to coerce into giving up personal information regarding his patients not only defends his patients but goes on the offensive to protect the minority group I really loved how the book handled this SO much better than the movieThe one thing that REALLY bugged me though is how you can have a novel written in the '80s that was LGBT forward but unrealistically fat shaming women from start to finish I figured I'll be ripped a new one for this and deemed a sensitive snowflake so I decided to mark specific passages for reference One particular example is in chapter 34 where Starling is poking around in Catherine's apartment after she's been abducted On page 242 in my copy there's an internal monologue where Clarice is flipping through her closet and notes that at almost 6 ft tall Catherine has sets of clothes in 2 sizes large and crisis fat It's stated that the first set are when she is 145lbs and the second at 165lbs For reference I have a friend who is 6ft tall and was constantly asked if she was anorexic and she weighed 185lbs I understand that point is that Buffalo Bill is kidnapping full figured women to fit his long term outcome but I had a hard time stomaching that we are told somewhere between 15 20 times throughout the book how OMG THESE GIRLS ARE SO FAT SO FAT SO FAT UGH DISGUSTING DON'T THEY HAVE ANY SELF RESPECT AGAIN SO FAT and yet according to the specific height and weight details we're given they are medically and even socially NOT FAT We even get a few inner monologues where Catherine knows her full figured body is attractive but we're immediately reminded afterwards to NOT FORGET SHE'S FAT AND UGH SO GROSS deep breath Alright I'm done beating that to death Lastly aside from Jack Crawford's character I felt the movie was mostly cast well with the best being Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill Jody Foster as Clarice was a bit of stretch for me as the Clarice in the book isn't uite the pushover we see on screen but still not a bad choice I can wholly see why this is the book most refer to that initiated the mainstream craze for forensic crime scene novels as it is a really well written procedural and manages to feel realistic but not lose the page turning uality of suspense that it carries Overall I'm so glad I read this one and look forward to circling back around to Red Dragon

  3. Kat Kat says:

    an odd case in which the book is not better than the movie in fact it is much worse

  4. Stephen Stephen says:

    CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT Out of respect for Thomas Harris’s superb novel I have decided that no pictures of ANTHONY HOPKINS will appear in this review Thank you for your understanding40 to 45 stars Another one of those terrific situations where I saw the movie first and loved it and then eventually decided to read the book and loved it too Score Now assuming that most people not suffering from the after effects of severe head trauma know the basic plot concerning FBI trainee “ HelloClariiiiiice” Starling while trying to kibosh a Psychotic Vera Wang wannabe named Buffalo Bill starts an unconventional relationship with extreme culinary expert Dr Hannibalicious Lecter I thought I would give you my take on the whole movie winsbook wins debate Please note that I am going to feel completely free to drop spoilers without warning from here on out sorecognize MOVIE GLORY 1 First I thought the movie’s treatment of Starling’s time on the Sheep and Horse farm was much better probably in large part due to Jodie Foster really nailing the angst factor as she describes trying to save a spring lamb from slaughter in the book it was horses being slaughtered that she was tripping about Here the movie wins and I can still close my eyes and here FosterStarling saying “the lambs were screaming” and “it was cold so cold” She made that scene her chew toy and it is a wonderful example of taking and condensing it into a powerful less 2 The End of the movie Lecter stalking Dr Chilton and ending his phone conversation with Starling by saying “I’m going to have an old friend for dinner” YUM One of my favorite linesideas from the movie and I was very bitter that it did not have an analog in the book The Booest of Hoos on that AND SURPRISINGLYthat is it for the movies clear superiority Now don’t get me wrong I loved the movie and think they did much EXCEPTIONALLY well However I was shocked in reading the book that most the best parts in the movie including Lecter which shocked me were handled eually effectively in the book Thus where I think it was a tie or too close to call I have decided not to put it in one camp or another With that saidon to the book BOOK DOMINANCE 1 Need to start with Lector and this is a surprise because Sir Anthony made this role his like few people on movie history However I am not talking about what was in both the movie and the book as I think it is a push to a slight edge to Mr Hopkins No I am talking about the one AMAZING insight the book provides to the character Namely Lecter’s motivation is about “amusing himself” This single thread running through the book makes Lecter a far darker far sinister character which also explains why hollywood downplayed it to land Hopkins in the role Walking away from the book the reader has a much better sense of Lector as a conscience lacking entity of pure evil than we get from the movie Kudos to Mr Harris on that point 2 As good as Scott Glenn is in the movie his character found way too much time on the editing room floor and the book truly develops well His scene with the head of John Hopkins university is one that truly should have found a way on screen as I thought it was perfect3 James Gumb aka Buffalo Bill As wonderfully icky as Ted Levine is in the movie he comes across as just a nutso on screen with the naked “tuck” dance an the lotion commercials Meanwhile in lit land Gumby is shown to be soSAVAGE and calculating that all of the nutso stuff takes on a far sinister aspect I was deeply disturbed by the depiction of Gumb’s craft skills and the movie never hammered that home enough PUTTING IT IN THE NUT’S SHELL’S Overall I was deeply impressed with both the movie and book but the book really gets the gold star for being able to work with my love of the movie and still blow me away In closing if you have only seen the movie you should read the book and if you have only read the book you should see the movie as it is deeply respectful of the source material HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDPS I listened to the audio version read by Frank Muller and he was his usual perfection PPS I was fairly insulted that the movie makers felt the need to change Amarone to Chianti in the famous fava beans scene presumably because they didn't think the audience would get it OUCH

  5. Martine Martine says:

    Call me a freak but I have a bit of a crush on Hannibal Lecter He may be the scariest fuck out there certainly scarier than the supposed monster of the book Buffalo Bill but he just oozes style and knowledge In fact he has so much style and knowledge that he doesn't come off as a ridiculous prick when he says things like 'A census taker tried to uantify me once I ate his liver with some fava beans and a big Amarone' or 'Can you smell his sweat? That peculiar goatish odour is trans 3 methyl 2 hexenoic acid Remember it it's the smell of schizophrenia' uite the contrary he sounds cool saying these things Sophisticated even In this and many other ways Dr Lecter is so utterly fascinating that you'll still find yourself rooting for him after he has committed several heinous but brilliant murders hoping he'll stay out of the hands of the police and live out his life in freedom Now that's uality writing for youAs you can probably tell from the above I like The Silence of the Lambs which is to say the book on which the movie was based Except for the fact that Harris makes Clarice rather stupid and that the dialogue in the book is a bit too clever and masculine for its own good it's a solid and exciting will they find him in time to save the girl story a page turner if ever there was one The characters aren't terribly easy to identify with but that's all right because for one thing they're cool had I mentioned that yet? and for another they all have a clearly defined uest They don't necessarily have the same uest but hey that only serves to increase the tensionIn some regards the book is better than the film Remember those stupid anagrams from the movie? They're not in the book except for the bilirubin one which I actually uite like The book makes its connections in a much logical less what the fuck? ish way It also has a realistic romance though not necessarily a better one On the down side I think Thomas Harris must have kicked himself for not having come up with the closing line of the film 'I'm having an old friend for dinner' himself In my opinion it's the best closing line in cinematic history unmatched by the ending of the book Still it's a satisfying read Very satisfying As satisfying as the movie and that's saying a fair bit Yes that's what he says in the book Not 'a nice Chianti' I've been reliably informed by those in the know I myself do not actually drink wine that Amarone and Chianti are not in fact the same thing 'Chianti' does sound better than 'Amarone' in this line doesn't it? In the book Dr Lecter tells Clarice in one of their first interviews that Billy has kidnapped large chested Catherine Martin because 'he wants a vest with tits on it' He then goes on to say in their next meeting that 'Billy is making a girl suit out of real girls' And despite these incredibly obvious clues which cannot be rude jokes on Lecter's part as he's far too sophisticated to make such rude jokes it takes Clarice who is supposed to be really intelligent the entire rest of the book to figure out what it is that Billy wants from his victims They wisely changed that in the movie where Clarice doesn't have her entire uest spelled out for her right at the beginning I've never met any women who speak to each other the way Clarice and Ardelia do Then again I've never met any brilliant FBI trainees so what do I know? Perhaps they do speak to each other like that at uantico I guess I'll never find out Anyone out there have FBI trained friends? Anyone? Bueller?

  6. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    ‎The Silence of the lambs Hannibal Lecter #2 Thomas Harris 1940The Silence of the Lambs is a novel by Thomas Harris First published in 1988 it is the seuel to Harris' 1981 novel Red Dragon Both novels feature the cannibalistic serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter this time pitted against FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling Its film adaptation directed by Jonathan Demme was released in 1991 to box office success and critical acclaim Clarice Starling a young FBI trainee is asked to carry out an errand by Jack Crawford the head of the FBI division that draws up psychological profiles of serial killers Starling is to present a uestionnaire to the brilliant forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter Lecter is serving nine consecutive life sentences in a Maryland mental institution for a series of murdersنخست فیلم را دیده ام سپس کتاب را خوانده ام تاریخ نخستین خوانش سال 1993 میلادیعنوان سکوت بره ها؛ اثر توماس تامس هریس؛ مترجمها اصغر اندرودی، مجتبی مینائی؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، چاپ نخست، 1371، در 492 ص، چاپ های بعدی، نشر خاتون، 1373، پارسیان، 1374، نشر اوحدی، سال 1377، شابک 964637633؛ نشر دایره، 1379، شابک 9646839215؛ با ترجمه علیرضا انصاری، نشر چکاوک 1390، شابک 9789648957259؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی سده 20 مخانم «کلاریس استارلینگ جودی فاستر»، توسط «جک کرافورد اسکات گلن» از آکادمی آموزشی اف‌بی‌آی، در «کوانتیکوو ویرجینیا» برگزیده می‌شود تا «کرافورد» به او مأموریت دهد، که با «هانیبال لکتر آنتونی هاپکینز»، که یک روانشناس و قاتل زنجیره‌ ای است، گفتگو نماید، چرا که باور دارد، که «لکتر» ممکن است، بتواند به آنها در پیدا کردن «بیل بوفالو قاتلی زنجیره‌ ای که پوست قربانیانش را از تنشان جدا می‌کند» یاری نماید «استارلینگ» به بیمارستان روانی، در «بالتیمور» می‌رود، و در آنجا دکتر «فردریک چیلتون آنتونی هیلد» ایشان را به سلول دکتر «لکتر» راهنمایی می‌کند در ابتدا دکتر «لکتر» آرام است، اما به ناگهان عصبانی می‌شود، چرا که «استارلینگ» کوشش میکند از او، اطلاعات بیرون بکشد در حالیکه «استارلینگ»، با ترس، در حال ترک سلول است، یکی از بیماران، به «کلاریس» توهین بدی می‌کند، که «لکتر» این عمل را بسیار زشت می‌پندارد، و «استارلینگ» را صدا می‌کند، که برگردد، تا به او بگوید که به دنبال یکی از بیماران سابقش بگردد این راهنمایی، «استارلینگ» را به یک زیرزمین سوق می‌دهد، که در آنجا جسد یکی از بیماران سابق «لکتر» را پیدا می‌کند «استارلینگ» به پیش «لکتر» برمی‌گردد، و «لکتر» به او می‌گوید، که این جسد به «بیل بوفالو» مرتبط است «استارلینگ»، به «لکتر» پیشنهاد می‌دهد، در صورتیکه به او در این زمینه یاری کند، از کلینیک دکتر «چیلتون» به جایی دیگری میتواند منتقل شود و؛ ا شربیانی

  7. RedemptionDenied RedemptionDenied says:

    45★Loved the movie Loved the book The Kindle edition is slightly tainted with numbers sporadically interweaved into the text which I assume judging by the percentage I was currently on when the numbers appeared is the actual page number No biggie Just a bit jarring as my edition of the novel had location numbering at the bottom Don't know why they do that but whatever I'm impressed by how close the movie is to the source material just like Manhunter was to the Red Dragon book including some of the dialogue being verbatim I noticed one glaring difference when Starling first meets Lecter and is walking down the hallway to his cell; which is on the left in the film; the right in the book I'm also impressed by each actors' performance in their respective roles Jodie Foster was interested in playing the part after reading the novel And George A Romero Feb 4th 1940 July 16th 2017 had a cameo role as an FBI Agent in Memphis unaccredited I'll have to keep an eye out for that next time I watch the film which had 66 cast members and took 2727 million at the box office on a 19 million budget Movie cast Jodie Foster Clarice StarlingAnthony Hopkins 'Hannibal the Cannibal' LecterTed Levine Buffalo BillScott Glenn Jack CrawfordBrooke Smith Catherine MartinAnthony Heald Frederick ChiltonKasi Lemmons Ardelia MappStuart Rudin IJ MiggsMaria Skorobogatov young Clarice MashaDarla PreciousChris McGinn autopsy victimA young trainee FBI agent Clarice Starling is pulled from training and given an assignment to interview Hannibal Lecter at the Balti State Hospital for the Criminally Insane A uestionnaire has been developed; which applies to all known serial murderers in modern times They've tried to interview and examine all thirty two known serial killers that they have in custody to build a database for psychological profiling cases unsolved Most were willing to cooperate; except the one they want to speak to the most who isn't cooperative Lecter Starling sniffs an opportunity and is glad of the chance though Crawford doesn't expect Lecter to say anything When she gets to the hospital Dr Chilton who isn't a real doctor explains the rulesDo not reach through the bars do not touch the bars You pass him nothing but soft paper No pens no pencils He has his own felt tipped pens some of the time The paper you pass him must be free of staples paper clips or pins Items come back through the sliding food carrier No exceptions Do not accept anything he attempts to hold out to you through the barrier Do you understand me?I think he forgot to mention another rule that you shouldn't stand still outside a particular cell for any amount of time; especially if the person in the cell is making groaning sounds Ah The infamous flying missile scene courtesy of Miggs I think that was the most disturbing scene in the movie and probably the book too Miggs' indiscretions In the book Lecter is polydactyl he has six fingers on his left hand On a positive note it's the catalyst for Lecter giving Starling a chance and sending her to seek out Raspail's car for her Valentines YepIf you want something from Lecter you have to take one for the team Lecter thinks she's there to ask if he can help in the Buffalo Bill case which he has an interest in He says he's willing to help if he gets something in return uid Pro uo He wants know about Starling She gives him something about herself he'll give something in return He wants to play a game and the stakes are high when the daughter of Sen Ruth Martin is abducted believed to have been taken by Buffalo Bill Will she be saved in time? Or will the felon have her hide? Clarice has a few obstacles in her way so it won't be easy I really enjoyed this novel Disappointed I didn't read it sooner There's a lot of creepyunsettling and intense scenes I liked the conversations between Lecter and Starling as she tries to extract information from him He's too smart to outwit so she has to play along He's got nothing to lose

  8. Ginger Ginger says:

    5 STARS Full review upThis was fantasticI went into The Silence of the Lambs hesitant that this book would not be as great as the movie OR I wouldn't be able to get the movie characters out of my headYou see I’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs 3 to 4 times in my life and I know the plot too well I've loved the movie since the first time I watched itThe movie came out in 1991 but I didn't watch it until I was 17 in 1995 I'm glad I waited because the nightmares would have sucked at age 13Ha who am I kidding I still had nightmares after seeing this movie for the 1st timeGetting back to the book I was shocked with how much I enjoyed it The writing by Thomas Harris is well done along with detail about the serial killer Buffalo Bill and the women he killed The case was detailed the characters were fleshed out heh funny I would use that term haha and the ending was dynamiteThe character of Clarice Starling was great in this book She’s fierce and cunning then what Jodie Foster does with the character in the movie Jodie Foster still does a damn fine job with this character but it’s hard to be exactly like a character in a book You can’t see what she thinks or how she interprets the Buffalo Bill case and the prisoner Hannibal LecterSpeaking of Dr Hannibal Lecter he’s a monster sadistic way too intelligent and will scare the pants off you Anthony Hopkins does such a great job with this character Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how he took Thomas Harris’ creation and made Lecter unforgettableBesides the great characterization the police procedural and research of serial killers that Harris does in this series is fantastic You’ve got to realize that this is wrote in the 80’s and he likely has influenced the crime detective book genre than anyone out there Kudos Thomas HarrisIf you have been living under a rock for the last 30 something years and have not seen this movie go read the book first You won't be disappointed And if you love this movie and you're worried about not getting anything from the book take it from me I felt the same and I just gave this 5 stars

  9. daph_pink daph_pink says:

    I have a love hate sort of relationship with this book At times I marvel at the intelligence and wittiness of Hannibal and other times I can't get my mind past through the things like trans phobia body shaming status of women which is highly exploited in this book I didn't liked the movie at all because of all those details they missed and to be honest we can't review this book without the honorable mention of movieWe will start with what I don't like then moving on with what I like so that we can end on positive note Body shamming for most of the people who have read the book will understand what I am trying to say but for those who haven't the killer choose girls with thick body type and they are constantly called by slang in the book which I sort of hated because for someone like me who have been body shammed for all her teen life it was pretty triggering Sexism Clarice starling the young beautiful FBI trainee yes there is a need to mention she was beautiful because how every time she meets a man he falls in love with her She was being objectified throughout the book and never once author fails to tell the readers that she is a WOMAN Writing the writing style was slightly boring at times to be fair by the time I finished reading it I still wanted answers and conversation I loved the constant bickering between Hannibal and ClariceMoving on with things I like about the book Character development 'A census taker tried to uantify me once I ate his liver with some fava beans and a big AmaroneThis shit is iconic and one who said it is even iconic yes my friends we are talking about HANNIBAL 'THE CANNIBAL' LECTER One of the most iconic characters in history of literatureHe may be the scariest fuck out there certainly scarier than the supposed monster of the book Buffalo Bill but he just oozes style and knowledgeAnd not to forget Clarice Starling I really really like her character obviously not than Hannibal and I would have loved her if author constantly didn't reminded us that she is beautiful and a Woman Better than movie the movie to be fair is a whole lot of trans phobic the movie though at times mentioned that James is not transgender but it fails to make people understand why he is doing so? By removing crucial scenes I really liked how book handle it betterThere is only one thing I liked about the movie ie the ending it was one of my fav endings I really really liked it You need not to read the books in order you can certainly read it before the first one but I would suggest to read the first one before because of some characters which are introduced in previous book and played important role in this one tooRecommended to everyone because it's still one of the most iconic and breathtaking book to be ever written

  10. Darth J Darth J says:

    So I read these books out of order I started with Hannibal which gives better background and fleshes out the character of Lecter much than the mess that was Hannibal Rising then read Red Dragon and finally this one Can I just say that I love Clarice Starling? I just have such a deep respect and admiration for her also Jodie why didn't you come back for the seuel?? I mean Moore was great but I don't like a break in continuity nor do I like how they changed the ending of Hannibal where view spoiler Clarice eats the brains sans fava beans or a nice Chianti sighhhhhhhh hide spoiler

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