Chapitres de la chute Epub Ô Chapitres de Kindle -

  • Paperback
  • 334 pages
  • Chapitres de la chute
  • Stefano Massini
  • Italian
  • 14 October 2016
  • 9788806216337

10 thoughts on “Chapitres de la chute

  1. Mary J Starry Mary J Starry says:

    Very uniue book I really liked the prose approach to the story as the carefully selected words helped hone in on certain ideas and concepts and the author did include enough personal family information to keep the reader personally interested in the individuals themselves and what becomes of them However the negative is that a lot of details about the family and business could not be included as prose reuired the author to narrow the focus of the book However I think the overall goal of the book to show how morally corrupt a business can become when the major focus of the owners is the accumulation of wealth and power symbolized by the church pew regardless of the means and who is hurt in the process definitely came through

  2. Allison Allison says:

    This would not be everybody's kind of book but I have to say I really liked it a LOT I love the novel in verse concept and this was phenomenally done and a translation to boot kudos whew what a feat I think It did get a little long it clocks in at nearly 700 pages and occasionally I was lost as to what was happening I also feel some parts of the story were given too much time and others not enough looking at the ending mainly which I won't spoil But really it was so interesting to watch this family and their business grow and morph as the world changed too I love sagas like that where we get to really see what happens I picked this up on a whim and I'm so glad I did it was a fun read And now I'd love to see the play too I'm very curious

  3. Daniel Polansky Daniel Polansky says:

    The history of a family of Jewish immigrantsthe rise of modern capitalism rendered as an epic poem by an Italian Brilliant The writing absolutely sings with hidden complexities and clever contrivances that don't interrupt the rhythm of the blank prose The characterization is deft and depiction of some two hundred years of American history surprisingly nuanced For for a goy I assume he understands the tribe Strong recommendation one of my favorite things I read this year Update Wait they made a play out of this What I'm confused

  4. Liisabet Liisabet says:

    I really underestimated my lack of interest in anything business related huh Enjoyed the first two parts but kind of lost interest in the third

  5. Uche Uche says:

    An absolute triumph My favorite in years

  6. John Wenk John Wenk says:

    A 700 page novel told in verse about three generations of one of the most powerful families of America before the company they painstakingly built nearly destroyed the world economy In scale ambition and breadth if not depth the only thing comparable is Angels in America Similarly it also remarkably funny It uses dialogue cartoons Yiddish and magical realism to tell the story of the three brothers arriving from Germany to take over the cotton market in Alabama before moving on to take over New York politically as a powerful governor and senator; culturally as financiers behind movies TV and radio; and founding industrialists behind the plane and the autoBut what does it all meanMassini certainly demonstrates that their arrogance personal weakness emotional and intellectual blindness goes back to the slave trade The Lehman men and it is all about the men mostly see themselves as the saviors and builders of America blissfully and blindingly ignorant to the immigrants slaves and workers who do the work They memorialize the constant refrain of Thank you Mr Lehman as evidence that they are beloved for all of their sacrifice Yet he presents them as churlish selfish vain and childishYet Massini also seems to be so dedicated to exploring the character of these men that he is also generous to a fault in celebrating their accomplishments struggles and desire to make the world better At times I just wanted a withering communist take down of these monsters of capitalism Yet what I was reading was nuanced funny and creative A powerful engaging masterpiece

  7. Brian Brian says:

    First when we were in businesspeople gave us moneyand we gave something in exchangeNow that we’re a bankpeople give us money just the samebut we give nothing in exchangeAt least not for the moment Then we’ll see Everyone knows how the story of the Lehman Brothers ends the bank declares bankruptcy heralding the full fledged meltdown of the global financial system but I knew nothing of its beginning In this novel written in blank verse which I did not expect to enjoy at first Massini brings to life the major players in the bank's history First we have Henry Emanuel and Mayer Lehman three sons of a cattle merchant in Rimpar Bavaria The enterprise starts with buying and selling of cotton but morphs over time to a middle man role and it seems preordained that the spirit of and would lead to complex mortgage backed securities that ultimately led to the downfall of the bank In the interim we encounter fascinating progeny of the three brothers Herbert the conscience of the family Democrat Arthur the math wiz who has no understanding of the world David the Casanova Harold Allan the irascible twins and a host of other characters Important note I was struck by the portrayal of slavery in the book especially the brothers' support financial and moral for the Confederacy during the Civil War The historian Sarah Churchwell wrote an excellent critic in the new York Review of Books assessing the role of capital in slavery and what was missed in the book

  8. joyce w. laudon joyce w. laudon says:

    The story of the Lehman Brothers is a fascinating one  When I first heard of the play I thought that it was about the collapse of the firm during the financial crisis  I learned though that this is the story of the family as they left Bavaria came to the US and achieved much success at least for a timeInterestingly at a time when most immigrants came to New York the first of the brothers went South  He was involved in textiles and living through the Civil War  The story follows him his brothers and their families This novel uses a free verse style  Some may not like this although I did  It made me go slowly and savor the textMany thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest reviewBy the way the play was excellent if you ever have the opportunity to see it  It was VERY long but the time flew by

  9. Kip Kyburz Kip Kyburz says:

    Some moments really shine but as it shifted from immigrant entrepreneur opens general store to massive bank in NYC I slowly lost interest in the Lehman Brothers gaining clout Again much of their wealth was built on work of slaves so even immigrant entrepreneur was not a glorious story of perseverance and hard work The characters were interesting but it was a harsh reminder that capital in this country was not built through some American ideal but by the actual realities of America The work of slaves materialism and banks moving around money to benefit not the little people but the richest among usThe book being in verse was terrific and very engaging but the myths of America were too disheartening to make this book a 5 star read

  10. Jaya Jaya says:

    What a marvellous piece of work Starting with Henry Lehman's arrival in New York it charts the rise and fall of Lehman Brothers dry goods store to bank with all their different ventures on the way It is about the men in the family and their contributions and characters While the chapters don't go into detail on slavery the financial crisis uestionable ethics or other unsavoury tactics nobody is painted as a saint The storytelling is incredible a novel in verse with a chapter in pictures thrown in and constantly surprises with its creativity The last few chapters feel a little hurried but I'll gloss over that for the scope and lively writing of this amazing trilogy

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