Ultimate X Men Volume 4: Hellfire & Brimstone TPB ePUB

8 thoughts on “Ultimate X Men Volume 4: Hellfire & Brimstone TPB

  1. James James says:

    An odd mix of animation styles also make this book one of the best in the series The introduction of Shadowcat kitty pryde adds another level of the x men to the story that has been missing in the others.

  2. HeroPress HeroPress says:

    The Ultimate X Men comics have, to date, proved to be the least successful of Marvel s character re imaginings for a new generation of readers The Ultimate X Men fails to maintain a sense of believability that keeps other Ultimate titles such as Ultimate Spider Man and The Ultimates fresh Instead, Ultimate X Men seems to suffer from one of the worse flaws of the original universe X Men stories that is too many throw away characters with ridiculous can do anything mutant superpowers But the most unfortunate part of this collection is its rushed resolution the whole matter Phoenix Force is effectively dealt with in half an issue perhaps this will resurface in later stories and the identity of Xavier s mystery backers , having been built up since the start of the series, is trampled over in an equally dismissive way That s not to say the Ultimate magic is totally missing Beast s internet relationship has a very clever pay off and the Wolverine Cyclops niggling is always good value for money but you can t help but feel this is the poor relation of the Ultimate family.

  3. David Baillie David Baillie says:

    Mark Millar came from relative obscurity to write what has become the flagship title of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.I was unconvinced by the idea of the Ultimate books when they first appeared, but Mr Millar really has used them to create what I m sure will become a textbook for future generations of writers on how to write superhero comics.Sure there s the trademark Authority style shock tactics and widescreen narration, but there s also genuine and mature characterisation, and intelligent scripting.All of this along with fantastic art.I read the individual titles, and I ll certainly be buying this collection for my now straining bookshelf.

  4. iwa iwa says:

    original X ART Kaare Andrews Kaare Andrews

  5. Jeffrey B. Sprague Jeffrey B. Sprague says:

    I m a old shcool X men fan , the ultimate X men Comics are cool don t get me wrong , but I grew up watching the Fox Kids cartoons and reading the Comics in witch Wolverine , Cyclops , Jean Gray , Storm and Beast were cool , These new comics kinda tone down the characters and give them of a helpless high school kids theme I still enjoy reading this collection of books , but not as much as the original , Overall , I say buy it.

  6. Trey Trey says:

    Normally after i read a terrible book like World Tour I just skip around but since I ve always been an X Men fan I decieded to be leinent BUT IM SORRY THIS WAS TERRIBLE Now I m not even talking story wise I m talking artwise too And since I m not going to make this reveiw long I would really not sudjest this to anyone unless your collecting the entire series like me P.S this book made forget about goin in order so I went from 1 4 to 18 19 and now 8 and now I m getting 15.

  7. Jeffrey M. Simon Jeffrey M. Simon says:

    This is a really good continuation of the series and has a lot of foreshadowing into later X Men events Definitely worth a read Beautiful artwork as well.

  8. GDR GDR says:

    I ve been reading comics since I was in my pre teens and am now in my mid 30s and this has to be one of the worst graphic novels I ve ever read The story is weak but the worst part is the art work, which is absolutely terrible, especially the switch in styles mid volume for issues 23 25 Marvel should be embarrased for releasing this extremely sub par piece of work I would highly NOT recommend this volume.

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  • Ultimate X Men Volume 4: Hellfire & Brimstone TPB
  • Mark Millar
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  • 03 January 2015

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Men Volume PDF Ë En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Ultimate X Ultimate X ePUB ✓ Men Volume Hellfire Brimstone TPB ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Mark Millar auteurs X Men Volume eBook ✓ dans le monde.