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Biggles Goes to War [EPUB] ✶ Biggles Goes to War ✻ W E Johns – Biggles Goes to War This story was first published in ten parts as BIGGLES GOES TO WAR in The Modern Boy issuesto datedth Septembertoth NovemberBiggles is approached by Count Max Stanhauser the Maltov Biggles Goes to War This story was first published in ten parts as Biggles Goes to War in The Modern Boy issuesto datedth Septembertoth NovemberBiggles is approached Biggles Goes Epub / by Count Max Stanhauser the Maltovian Ambassador in London and asked to help the Country of Maltovia by starting an Air Force for them to protect them from their strong and intimidating neighbour Lovitzna.

About the Author: W E Johns

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Biggles Goes to War ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Biggles Goes Epub / W E Johns auteurs dans le monde.

11 thoughts on “Biggles Goes to War

  1. Vallune Vallune says:

    Livre achet pour devoir d anglais en 3 me Facile lire et appr ci car se d roule entre les deux guerres Il y a aussi de l humour et une bonne intrigue avec toutes la pr paration pour la bataille.

  2. Michael Field Michael Field says:

    And good luck to him.This is one of a very few marvellous, snappy little Biggles novels which are every bit as good as the unputdownable WW1 exploits Biggles Goes To War gets right down to business and appeals instantly in two ways.Firstly, Biggles and his comrades are defending traditional values against totalitarianism and secondly, they show that common sense and action can always do something about it A common theme in Biggles stories, naturally, but particularly resonant when the book was written.In a nutshell, we share the adventure and the purpose than usual get it, it s brief but terrific

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Biggles Goes To War is an amazing insight into flying between WW1 and WW2 It is extremely well written,and would make an excellent film I personally feel that WE Johns, the author, should be one of our most highly acclaimed authors because he combines his talent for description with exceptional knowledge of aircraft I have read these as a child, and coming back to them some thirty years later have admiration for the Biggles books than I did then.

  4. R.G.Horsnell R.G.Horsnell says:

    Another exciting Biggles story Dispatched on time No complaints.

  5. APO APO says:

    A story with plenty of action but with a dash of The Prisoner of Zenda about it which really adds to the flavour of the book dashing Englishmen coming to the rescue of the ruling Princess of a small nation.Aircraft rather than swords but still life or death conflicts Great stuff

  6. Cosher Cosher says:

    One I d missed before a pre war adventure to a Zenda like country where Biggles shows how he can win wars if only they d give him his head Very enjoyable

  7. JOVAL JOVAL says:

    poor quality

  8. HP HP says:

    This is a graat story All about war between 2 small eastern block states Well worth reading, very gripping story.

  9. DPA DPA says:


  10. S. V. Owen S. V. Owen says:

    Bought for grandson.

  11. Tony Purton Tony Purton says:

    a ripping yarn.

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