All Those Tears We Can’t See by Gita Audhya

16 June 2019 | By Gita Audhya | Filed in: western-historical-romance.

Help me.
It is a story of India and United States. My book "All Those Tears We Can't See" addresses the challenges immigrants face in this era due to lack of money and cultural difference, but later achieve the "American dream" which is America's achievements as well.

*The new novel follows an Indian woman who migrated from India to America and finds difficulties to adjust to American culture. After lots of hard work and sacrifice she did achieve everything she wanted. America provided the opportunity for her. Here is the story,

*It was difficult and traumatic for young Samantha to leave everything behind and start a new life in the U.S., where the language, culture, traditions, morals, beliefs, and everyday way of life are totally foreign while retaining her own culture and beliefs.

As an adult Samantha (or Shimonti as she was known as a child) races to her native India, now modern and much changed, in search of her daughter, Monica. Their fragile relationship of late has finally been shattered over the issue of interracial marriage, as Samantha fears that her daughter's marriage to Brandon, a Christian, goes against Bengali culture. Samantha revisits her past and reexamines her life growing up in India. India's heartbeat resonated from ancient times of harmony, in diversity.

Somewhere In This Picture by P.S. Reyes

16 June 2019 | By P.S. Reyes | Filed in: grimm.

Here is a different kind of story to let you escape into a strange yet fascinating world--on a flying broomstick with seatbelt unbuckled--as you discover some surprising secrets of life and existence. In a style that refuses to fit neatly inside traditional genres, it mixes mirth and wit plus a dash of fun nerdiness (no need for a Rocket Science or similar degree) to create this highly entertaining and stimulating novel. Enter for a chance to win one of 50 Kindle edition copies of Somewhere In This Picture.

He just wanted to have some tea after his bath.
But as he stepped out of his tub, the world seemed to have gotten much more interesting. A witch on a broomstick, a child with an unusual pet, a cook obsessed with chicken and aliens, a sensitive man with serious anger issues--he met strange people in strange places--and got lost as he tried to take the child back to her home.
The two found themselves being chased by wolves and some unfriendly characters, and soon discovered that what was happening was just the tip of the iceberg. . .

Emma in the Land of Trees by Ahmad Wasfi

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Enter for a chance to win one of 100 free Kinde copies of Emma in the Land of Trees! The book brings peace to your storytime and encourages a love of both animals and the environment.

The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander

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An explosive mystery regarding the divinity of Christ vs the humanity of Jesus!

Machine by Elizabeth Bear

16 June 2019 | By Elizabeth Bear | Filed in: m-m-fantasy.


*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this shipment may be delayed.*

In this compelling and addictive novel set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed White Space series and perfect for fans of Karen Traviss and Ada Hoffman, a space station begins to unravel when a routine search and rescue mission returns after going dangerously awry.

"Spectacularly smart space opera... Bear proves her mastery of the space opera genre yet again."
– Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Written in Elizabeth Bear’s signature “rollicking, suspenseful, and sentimental” (Publishers Weekly) style, MACHINE is a fresh and electrifying space opera that you won’t be able to put down.

The Noel Letters by Richard Paul Evans

16 June 2019 | By Richard Paul Evans | Filed in: m-m-romance.

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans returns this holiday season with a tale of love, belonging, and family, following a trail of letters that leads to a Christmas revelation about the healing miracle of hope and forgiveness.

“The Noel Letters is a cozy yet poignant portrait of personal awakening amidst the complexity of grief in estrangement. Evans’ seasoned finesse with his characters’ emotional growth makes Noel a relatable protagonist... A lovely read that beautifully contrasts the mistruths of memory and the redemptive power of new beginnings.” —Booklist

“Chock-full of holiday spirit… This enjoyable Yuletide tale deserves a place under many a Christmas tree.” —Kirkus

Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom

16 June 2019 | By Grant J. Hallstrom | Filed in: native-american-history.

“This historical novel is based on the true story of the noblewoman who inspired Justin Martyr’s petition to the Roman Senate. The basic theme is forgiveness versus vengeance set in a sweeping action-adventure tale that examines spirituality and faith and explores the path to healing as the characters struggle with their pains of loss, betrayal, and guilt.” –Wayne S. Walker

“Amora is without a doubt, the most emotional Historical Christian story I have ever read.” –Chick Lit Café

“Amora is a very visual story rich in details that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.”–Sandra Gotlaufa

“Amora by Grant Hallstrom is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well-crafted historical fiction based on a true story that will captivate the reader’s attention from the start. Skillfully constructed, this well researched story will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. This for me was a phenomenal read…It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this much. It’s a first-class historical fiction with perfect pacing. Highly recommended.” –Piaras, an Amazon distinguished Vine Voice Reviewer

“I was pleasantly surprised at not only how inspiring but also how captivating and exciting the storyline was; I could not put it down!” - Toni Powell

“This is a powerful story that will, unquestionably, resonate with people of faith, but has enough universal appeal to find a home with crossover readers as well.”

Never Have You Ever by Elizabeth Hayley

16 June 2019 | By Elizabeth Hayley | Filed in: games.

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 signed advanced reader copies of Never Have You Ever (The Love Game Series Book 1) by Elizabeth Hayley. Available everywhere on November 10th!

About the Story...

Who is this guy?

Sophia Mason’s junior year of college isn’t exactly off to the best start. The semester has just begun, and the president of her sorority has already ousted her from the house. With nowhere else to turn, she ends up at her brother’s apartment—only to find it inhabited instead by a handsome stranger.

On paper, Drew Nolan doesn’t have much going for him as an uneducated bartender from a sketchy family. But when a spoiled rich kid asks Drew to take over his life so he can travel around Europe instead of attend classes, Drew sees the opportunity to get the college education he’s always dreamed of.

Forced into a cover-up under the same roof, Sophia and Drew forge an unlikely friendship. As the two grow closer, lines blur and boundaries stretch, and they find comfort in living the lie they’ve adopted. But reality comes knocking all too soon, and Sophia and Drew will have to weigh what’s worth fighting for and what should never ever have been.

Perfectly Impossible by Elizabeth Topp

16 June 2019 | By Elizabeth Topp | Filed in: kinshasa.

In this witty debut novel, Elizabeth Topp crafts a story that ventures behind the fanciful facade of Park Avenue and into the life of one lovable type A assistant.

Anna’s job is simple: prevent the unexpected from happening and do everything better than perfectly. An artist at heart, Anna works a day job as a private assistant for Bambi Von Bizmark, a megarich Upper East Side matriarch who’s about to be honored at the illustrious Opera Ball.

Caught between the staid world of great wealth and her unconventional life as an artist, Anna struggles with her true calling. If she’s supposed to be a painter, why is she so much more successful as a personal assistant? When her boyfriend lands a fancy new job, it throws their future as a couple into doubt and intensifies Anna’s identity crisis. All she has to do is ensure everything runs smoothly and hold herself together until the Opera Ball is over. How hard could that be?

Featuring a vibrant array of characters from the powerful to the proletarian, Perfectly Impossible offers a glimpse into a world you’ll never want to leave.